Title // "Data Flowers"
Media // Porcelain, underglaze, projection
Tools Used // Pottery wheel, Processing (a coding platform designed for visual artists), vinyl cutter, projector
Description // This is a hybrid data visualization and multimedia art piece that I made for one of my ceramics classes at the UO College of Design. I threw these six porcelain planters on the ceramic wheel, and then took measurements of their varying dimensions in order to create a unique pattern of underglaze to represent those measurements. I cut these measurement patterns out of vinyl, which I used to stencil them on to their corresponding vessel in blue underglaze. These same measurements were then put into some code that I wrote in Processing in order to output these "data flowers" that are growing out of their corresponding vessel via a projected image.
I wanted to illustrate this symbiotic relationship between human and machine; the generated projected flower is born from the slight physical randomness of the human-made vessel, and the glaze pattern is in turn generated form that digital flower and applied to the vessels with human hands.
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