Title // Sevenfold: Branding redesign
Media // Graphic Design
Tools Used // Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Description // This is a branding redesign project that I worked on while working for Revere, a design agency based in Vancouver WA. The client that we worked with on this project was Sevenfold - a bedding and linens company. They were looking for an updated branding package, and I helped with the logo mark design.
Here are my sketches from round 1 of the logo design process.
The goal with this branding refresh was to evoke a sense of beauty, ease, and sophistication. We were working with symbolism related to the special folding method that they used, where their linens were folded seven times.
After sketching out those preliminary ideas, I took them into Illustrator and arrived at three different logo mark ideas, shown alone and then with an example lockup / in color. Here are my slides from the presentation deck for round 1:
After presenting round 1 to the client, we took their feedback into round 2. They wanted to see an example of a more organic / illustrative logo, as well as to use more thin double lines. They liked the ornate yet refined quality of the double lined elements.
Here are my ideas and presentation deck slides from round 2 of the logo design:
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