Title // Branding for Kris Starr Coaching
Media // Graphic Design
Tools Used // Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat
Description // This is a logo design project that I worked on for a career and leadership coaching business, Kris Starr Coaching. I worked with Kris to focus in on what she wants to convey to her clients through her brand, which we narrowed down to the following key words: connection, rising, growth, journey, and community.
When I went to do some brainstorming for round 1, I took these key words as inspiration and worked with symbols that embodied them, while also mixing in some iconographic imagery to tie in Kris' name and role.
After this initial round of sketches, I took these ideas into Illustrator to flesh them out and see how they were translating into a digital space. Here is a peek into my Illustrator workspace after seeing this step through and trying many different iterations:
After digitizing and polishing my favorite logo mark options from this first round, I assembled a presentation deck to show Kris round 1 and to get feedback to jump into round 2.
After presenting round 1 to Kris, I talked with her about what was resonating with her and what she wanted to see more of or see differently in round 2. She liked the third logo the most, which was a mark that I had composed to look like a marriage of a cursive "k" and a star, while keeping in mind the idea of connectedness and a forward-moving path through keeping the mark to one continuous line.
She liked this symbolism and the more "personal" feel of it - she noted that it resembled a signature or a cursive seal, in a way. She wanted to see an iteration of this mark that was a little more legible as a K and a star, however. So, with this feedback in hand, I moved on to round 2.
After this second round, we had arrived at a winner. Kris connected with option 3, seeing as it had the right balance of symbolism, legibility, and personal touch. She liked that it still read as a signature, in a way, and thought that it would make a good fit for the voice and goals of her brand.
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