Title // Blue Moon Baking Co. - branding & packaging design
Media // Graphic Design
Tools Used // Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Description // This project consisted of a light branding update and packaging design for Blue Moon Baking Co. This is a project that I helped with while I was working for Revere, a design firm based in Vancouver WA.
This is the original logo that the client was using. In their branding refresh, they decided to change their company name to "Blue Moon Baking Co", and wanted to update their logo to be a little bit more sleek and current.
Over the course of this branding refresh, we as a team of designers were also keeping in mind how the new branding could translate to updated packaging.
Here are my ideas from round 1. I worked with the existing logo mark (the moon) and made it higher contrast and refined the details so that they were more vector-friendly. I presented this version alongside a couple of options for full lockups, as well as how the mark and type could work independently. I also showed some very preliminary examples of how this updated branding could eventually translate to packaging designs.
After this first round of design, the client decided that they wanted to keep the original design of the moon, but to update the type and the construction of the final lockup. They also asked to see examples of packaging that leaned a little more illustrative and handmade, so in round 2 I mostly worked on this direction for the packaging. Here's my brainstorming for this:
And here are the packaging designs that I presented in round 2 after refining these ideas and creating illustrative elements to add to the mix:
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